Product Selection Guide

Hilti Products


Category: Adhesives Caulks Sealants
Subcategory: Fillers, Foam, Repair Products, Sealants, Specialty Products

Hilti offers a variety of filler foam products, repair mortars and sealants.

Category: Fasteners
Subcategory: Anchoring Systems
Material: Plastic

Hilti offers a wide variety of chemical, mechanical, screw anchors all tested and designed for maximum reliability and safety.

Subcategory: Channeling Systems
Material: Metal

Hilti offers channel systems, pipe supports, ventilation channel pipes and rings for round and rectangular pipe ducts, insulated and non-insulated pipe rings for pipe installation and cooling systems, and pipe fastening.

Category: Tools
Subcategory: Cutting, Diamond Coring & Cutting, Finishing
Tools: Circular Saws, Diamond Coring & Cutting, Grinders, Jig Saws, Reciprocating Saws, Sanders

Hilti's comprehensive line of cutting, grinding and sanding products include diamond coring, reciprocating saws, angle grinders, jig saws, circular saws and sanders.

Subcategory: Fastening
Tools: Nailers, Screwdrivers

Hilti offers a variety of screw fastening tools, as well as powder actuated and gas direct fastening tools for almost any application.

Subcategory: Demolition, Drilling/Driving
Tools: Breakers, Chisels, Combi Hammers, Rotary Hammers

Hilti offers a variety of powerful rotary hammers, breakers, and tools that combine both drilling and chiseling.

Subcategory: Detection, Layout & Leveling

Hilti's measuring systems include laser range meters, rotators, multidirectional lasers, rebar detectors, and pipe lasers.

Subcategory: Clean-Up
Tools: Vacuums

Hilti offers several wet and dry construction vacuum cleaners in either 15, 25 or 72 liter tank capacities.